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I Built a Dungeon!

For the last few months, I’ve been super busy transforming a horrible spare room into a kinky adult playspace. Sir has been diving head first into His new kinky life, and we really wanted a place to dig in and explore new ideas and fun things to do. We’ve been slowly renovating our house from a ’70s catastrophe to something […]

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Sometimes I Think I Could Be a Switch

At Thunder earlier this summer, one of the seminars I went to was all about interrogation. It was a reasonably good discussion on the topic, though I was honestly only half paying attention because Sir was off buying a flogger and texting me questions. But as I’m listening and watching the presentation on various techniques—from the […]

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My New Day Collar

It didn’t take long before Sir and I started talking about a permanent collar. We had dinner with another D/s couple a few weeks in, and she had a beautiful steel necklace that passed as interesting jewelry but was clearly a collar. That got Sir to thinking and we started poking around where we could find a suitable […]

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I Made Master a Paddle

“I want you to make me a paddle,” he says to me. I say, “wait, you want me to fashion you the implement of my own punishment?” Yes. The answer was yes. Well fuck. Spanking is not my thing, really, and it is absolutely a way to punish me, and now he wanted me to make him the tool. On the one hand I was keen for the challenge, on the other, I don’t want to make him a paddle! Sigh.

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