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Before I submitted to Sir and restarted this blog, I was lost and exploring who I was and what I wanted. I had a variety of one-off encounters, many different thoughts and opinions, some fun erotica, and all of it was an important part of exploring who I was and who I was to become. Here are the posts from that era.

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Quick hits of erotic imagination.

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Random Career Goal…

Want to know what I did today? I spent hours and hours creating a database migration protocol for a client. That means writing a program that will take all their gobbledygook data that’s sitting in the old database, and rework it so it fits in the new database in a slightly less awful way. If […]

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Ask Me Anything

Hey, lookitthat – my first two questions from Tumblr and Formspring Ask Me Anything. Anonymous on Formspring asked “Hey 🙂 I am based in London and saw your blog. I feel we are at the same stage of discovering the BDSM world. I just wanted to say you are luck to have a supportive boyfriend! […]

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A Different Kind of Fantasy

So I live in New York City. We have a lot here going for us … a generally free-wheeling spirit, an openness to the weird, a large fetish network (or so I’ve been told) and of course the gay NY Bondage Club (someday I’ll work the courage). But he city is also draining, and tiresome, […]

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