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Service gives me Direction & Purpose

Yes—the sex is amazing, dancing on the edge of pain and pleasure is exhilarating, and my heart races every time I feel rope on my skin. But this is why I serve: because it motivates me toward a better and more fulfilled life. To become a boy I need to embrace and celebrate service outside of sex, and the pure joy it brings.

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Dinner is Served

A few weeks after our introductory encounter, my Dom/switch friend, “Rick,” and I met again. This time, he’d asked his boyfriend about my serving both of them, and his response was “Well, could he make and serve us dinner? It seems selfish but it’s kind of what I want.” Done deal! So I was to […]

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Back in Service

I’ve been missing from this blog lately but that’s only because writing cogent and well thought out blog entries is really damn hard sometimes. But the reality, I hope you’ll be pleased to know, is that I’m really diving deep into my kink side again, and meeting more people and having more fun. I’ve had […]

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Another Way I Know I’m a Sub/Boy

There are lots of little vignettes of how I know – I mean how I truly know – that I’m a “boy.” I guess it’s a lot like the question of how one knows he’s gay. It just feels right, everything clicks, and performing the work or hearing the words just feels natural, it makes one feel […]

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Damn! It Feels Good To Be Called “boy”

Last night was my and my husband’s anniversary. We’re not much for pomp so as usual we just spent the day together. My plan was to simply go to a nice dinner, then come home, share a shower and have him fuck me (never an easy task, he’s got a huge cock). So before we […]

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