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Where Pain Becomes Pleasure: Wax Play with Sir

Have you ever danced on the line of pleasure and pain? Have you ever been dragged across it and dunked headfirst in a whirlpool of nerves firing hard and fast, confusing the reality of self-preservation and self-fulfillment? Have you ever been tortured to the point of ejaculation, only to be fucked hard and raw until you’re a whimpering puddle of a […]

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Dinner is Served

A few weeks after our introductory encounter, my Dom/switch friend, “Rick,” and I met again. This time, he’d asked his boyfriend about my serving both of them, and his response was “Well, could he make and serve us dinner? It seems selfish but it’s kind of what I want.” Done deal! So I was to […]

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My First Flogging

B first contacted me on Recon. We had a lot in common, he described himself as a top bear perv, and one that enjoyed a little abuse and kinky play. I said “hi” back and we got to chatting. What he’s really into, it turns out, is just being a selfish brute (in a good […]

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My First Time

This is a real story from my experience. When I finally started to embrace this part of me, I had no idea what to do or how to go about learning the ropes. I created a new Recon profile, joined Fetlife, all that kind of thing. But it was slow going – and that’s mostly […]

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