Master & me

For Other Sirs…

Sir is new to this life and is keen to learn all he can. For now He can be contacted via this blog, and if you’re also Dominant and would like to connect with him, no agenda or expectations, it would be welcome.

I’ve been into kink and BDSM my entire sexual life. My earliest fantasies were about kidnap and interrogation, but I grew up in a repressed religious culture and it took me a long time to even come out as gay. But I craved the dream of submitting to another, of letting them use me and mold me as they saw fit, and in my submission and subjugation I dreamed I would find fulfillment and peace.

At some point early in our relationship, I came clean to my husband that I was into kink. He was not, but he said it was fine to embrace this side of my psyche. I named this second-self “rook” and explored it in fits and starts. It took a lot of courage to eventually meet up with Doms and explore activities, but even those have usually been one-offs or fizzled out.

After getting home from our 10-year anniversary, my hubs said he wanted to try pissing on me. I got in the shower, and though it was a little weird at first to have my vanilla husband piss on me, I was able to let go and let rook out and loved it. Something about seeing rook like that flipped a switch in him, and his Dominance came rushing out. He’s discovering this crazy deep well of control, bondage, dominance, and now even sadism.

We’ve started a 24/7 lifestyle, and are working on figuring out what it means for us and how it will work for our life. So far, so very very good. It’s like we’re dating all over again, rediscovering a fuller picture of each other, even though we’ve been so deeply in love for so long. We don’t have a formal contract yet, and I don’t even have a lot of rules, but I wear a collar of some sort at all times. As he explores his new world, we add new experiences little by little.

Friends & Playmates Welcome

As we embrace our new life together we are keen on getting involved in the kink community. Friends are most welcome, and playmates too. Sir is keen to meet more Doms and boys, and learn all he can about this world – both the mindset and the activity. So we welcome anyone who wants to meet, hang, play, teach, experiment, or whatever else comes to mind. Sir plays with others anytime, and I’m generally allowed to play as well.

We are polyamorous and based in Colorado.

More About Rook

I’m laid back, geeky, friendly, kinda shy, crafty, outdoorsy, and hardworking. I’m a humanist and a hedonist: I believe people should enjoy their lives and the things that make them happy, seek to make the most of themselves and reach their best potential, and treat each other and the planet well along the way. No agenda, no hang-ups, just happy to meet people and hang out.

Love to camp, cabin, hike, ski, work out, play with our dogs, make things, etc. I enjoy weird creative fringe hobbies. I love fine wine and craft beer.