The Dungeon Playspace

No leather home is complete without a play space, so I took a spare room in our house and renovated it into a very-flexible kinky dungeon for Sir’s personal use. I’m actually really proud of how it turned out! I hope he puts it to extreme use! Check it out, you kinky fuckers, and feel free to join us or borrow it.
Click any photo for the full-size, uncropped version

Flexible Space For All Sorts of Fun

A chain-and-rope sling hangs from the center, and can be configured in (at least) four different locations around the room, from the center, to either the front or back wall for extra space, or in front of the mirror so the Dom can watch himself fuck his sub hard.


A Jail Cell Cage that Converts Into a Glory Hole

What was once a closet is now storage for unneeded subs. A jail cell cage confines the boy(s) until they’re needed, or lock their hands, head, or balls on the opposite side for other uses. Plus the cell is equipped with removable slats to create a glory hole; hide away the boy and insert cock for fluffing or relief during parties or just any Saturday night.


Spiderweb Rigging Folds Down From the Ceiling

Sir loves rope, and he wanted some sort of spiderweb rigging in His dungeon. But with limited space, I wanted to avoid cluttering it up. So this rigging folds up into the ceiling when not in use, leaving the space clear for any other use.


Lots of Lighting Options to Set the Mood

I wanted to ensure that there were plenty of options for setting the right mood. The white lights are all spots, which can be repositioned to point at a center table or anywhere you might arrange the scene. Unscrew bulbs to dim the mood. There are also red-colored flood lights and black lighting—perfect when playing with black-light-sensitive wax. An overhead plug is tied to a switch for interrogation scenes with a single hanging bulb or electrical toys like magic wants.


More Details & Photos

There are lots of little details built into the whole space. To reach the gear in the ceiling, use the stool that also converts into stocks. Color-coded hardware makes it easy to know what is safe for suspension. And when Sir is using another boy or when you borrow the playspace for your own fun, the iPad is a control panel that can call the houseboy to your service from anywhere else in the house.

Sir wants the dungeon space to get as much use as possible. If you wanna come and play, just let us know and we’ll see what we can do!  That includes playing with either both of us, one of us, or borrowing it for your own fun with your sub(s).

We haven’t quite figured out all the details of loaning out the space, but if you’d like to let’s talk about it! In addition to the dungeon space, we have a guest room and bathroom right next to the playspace, a full bar with kegerator on the same floor, and a hot tub out back. For guests who want to play on their own, rook will be available as your house boy and dungeon attendant – call him from the iPad control app for help, cleaning, fluffing, or whatever else you need.

When borrowing it for your own use, we will need to screen or speak with both the Dom(s) and the submissive(s) separately and will ask you to sign a release of liability. A suggested donation applies if using it on your own but is not required.