Summertime Madness But We’re Still Here

We’re still here! And we’re still very much kinky. I’ve done a poor job of blogging this summer, mainly because I’ve been absolutely slammed with life, as usual, including travel to Tanzania from where I just got home. But regardless of what shows up on the blog—and there will be much more regular updates now (because I’m required to)—Sir and I are still quite entrenched in our 24/7 power exchange life.

In fact, before too long we’ll have an official contract in place, detailing the rules and protocols of his house (along with goals, rewards, punishments, and all sorts of other things). I’m really excited by taking this thing to the next level. I’ve been itching to fall deeper into service and the mindset, to create our own rituals and dive into the myriad ways to express dominance and submission (and of course kinky sex). Sir has needed the time to really come to understand His Dominance, and He’s about to leap further into it in a big way. It’s exciting! But more about this stuff later.

This summer has been busy. We went to our first kink convention—Thunder in the Mountains—and learned a lot while having a great time. Sir even learned to flog and now He has a flogger! And some nicer hemp rope.

The sex has been pretty fucking amazing this summer. More about Thunder later.

We were going to go to Las Vegas for July 4th but delayed that until October. We had some family come to visit (that was … special). I’ve had three work trips to North Carolina, St. Louis, and Tanzania, and we also went to Gen Con in Indianapolis. Meanwhile, at work my team has whittled from three to me, so that has been both frustratingly busy but a great opportunity to really flex and strut.

Now we’re suddenly nearing the end of summer. Work is still crazy busy, but I feel like things are under control better than they were. Sir is writing a contract and gearing up to take things to the next level. Life is generally really good, I’m really happy, and I’m looking forward to seeing what’s about to happen!

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