Would You Rather?

Today I played a little game on my porno tumblr – people sent me Would You Rather? questions, and I answered them. It was fun! Especially since I was working from a coffee shop and had to use my laptop to hide my hard-on. Here’s the result! Would you rather …

…spend the night in a leather sleep sack or a leather straightjacket? 

Straight jacket. I think they have a bigger tone of subjugation that resonates with me.

…not be allowed to wear underwear for a month … or have to wear the same pair of undies for a month (without washing obviously 😛 )

I’d rather be forbidden from underwear altogether. I think a great challenge for a boy is never having more than one layer of clothing between him and his Sir. :-p

Also I work out a lot and wearing just one pair would probably bost destroy them and be unhealthy.

…be locked in chastity for a full year never being allowed to cum or milked continuously to the point of painful dry orgasms daily for a full year?

Probably chastity for a year. I think I could deal with that, mostly. And frankly, who has the time for daily millings? I’m a busy boy. 😛

…be gagged or plugged?

Well on the one hand I’d say “why not both?” It does involve two separate holes, after all, offering twice the fun for half the price. Or whatever. But since I have to make a choice, I’d choose gagged. My ass doesn’t always cooperate.

…have your sir control your workout routine or control your diet?

Workout routine, though he’d have to know what he was doing and really be able to push me. I’m pretty devoted to getting fit and I work out pretty hard already. My nutrition is already under a pretty tight control.

…wear a puppy tail for a month or be in chastity for two?

chastity for two.

…be tied and tickled or tied and spanked?

well, i’m not ticklish, so spanked I guess.

…have blindfolded sex for a year or no hands(tied or mitted) sex for a year?

Yes. 😀 If the Dom wants me to touch him or fight, then handless sex is going to be rough.

A fighter, eh? Would you rather lose all the time or would you like to win once in a while?

I’m not much of a fighter, really. Probably better to have said struggle. But even so, it’s not really fighting if you’re not trying to win. If you just try to lose every time, you’re just play acting. And that’s not as hot to me as having a scene with some stakes in it.

Literal stakes, or just metaphorical ones?

That depends on so many things. Maybe a cross between the two.

…be locked in a pillory or stretched on the rack? 

I’m partial to racks, myself. They strike me as putting a boy in an utterly helpless position. But they’re impractical sometimes, so when camping (i love camping), I’d choose pillory / stocks / flogging post.

…suffer E-stim for 4 hours on high level or ball crusher for a week?

oh damn now we’re getting somewhere! I would choose e-stim. I’ve never done either e-stim or ball crushing, but e-stim has always been more appealing.

…be tied and suspended in an old Gothic church surrounded by leathermen, or tied and suspended in an old warehouse surrounded by men in religious costume?

Both awesome settings! :). I would choose the warehouse with religious Doms, because it feels more plausible a scene. Leathermen in a church is a scene that says the setting is changed somehow. Like The Abbey in LA that was once a church and now a club. But the warehouse scene could easily be religious domination retreated to a secluded location to do their evil deeds 😉

…have a night of light bondage and amazing sex, or a night of heavy bondage and no sex – which makes you more happy/turned on?

In a Dom/sub environment, I choose Heavy bondage with no sex. Light bondage and good sex … that’s fine but it’s basically just sex with a little spice. Heavy Bondage and no sex (or at least no release for the boy) is truer subjugation.

… top your Dom or perform oral on a woman, but whichever you choose, they need to climax, hands free. 😉

well there we have a problem, because I’m a bit of a quick draw and so don’t well as a top. I suppose because I know I wouldn’t be able to please my Dom, I’d end up having to choose to perform on a woman even though it turns me off. Maybe if I close my eyes I can pretend I’m just rimming Sir…

… be bound and kept in isolation, or bound and put on display in a public situation?

Okay so clearly there’s a problem with this game … you all keep suggesting things to which the answer is both! 😉

Isolation would allow me to explore sub-space, which I’ve never experienced. But I’m more turned on by the notion of being put on display, which will surprise people who know me or have followed y writing because while it excites me, humiliation play also turns my stomach. 😛

…be on display at the Crypt in your neck of the woods, or at a bigger event like the Folsom Street Fair?

Probably at the Crypt … something a little more private. 🙂

…be one sub being used by several tops, or one of several bottoms being used by one top?

I think I’d rather be in a group of subs. At least then there’s no risk of conflicting instructions (and thus punishments…).

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