What Have I Become?

What have I become? What’s happened to me?

10 years ago, I was so afraid of sex. I was pathologically afraid of disease and of getting hurt beyond what I thought I could do. The husband and I rarely fucked. We sucked some, did some frottage, but it took a long time and usually a lot of alcohol before I could take his cock. Granted, he’s pretty well-endowed, but still, we didn’t do much to practice.

Today? I’m in a hotel room, separated from my husband-now-Master, and I’m riding a dildo molded from his cock, and I can’t get enough. Funnily enough I made this dildo with him so I could have it while on business trips, but only started using it in earnest in the last couple of years. And right now I’m locked in chastity, I can’t get hard, and the best I can do is ride this big ol’ dildo just so it hits my prostate just right, and all I want to do is cum.

Sex started getting good before we became Master and boy, but ever since, it’s 100 times more. And now here I am, in a hotel, and instead of finding some trick to hook up with I’m a happy little slut for my master’s dildo. And not all that long ago, there’s no way in hell I could take this. I can’t get enough. I need to be fucked long and hard and deep by this huge cock—a cock that makes other men and boys nervous, and I can say “yeah, I get fucked by that almost every day.”

Life is so good right now.

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