Thunder in the Mountains: Popping our Convention Cherry

Every year Denver is home to Thunder in the Mountains – the rocky mountain kink convention that is part education, part exhibition, part play time. Neither Sir or I had ever been to a kink gathering like this, and so we decided to pop that cherry. We had a great time. (This is long overdue, since the event is at the end of June.)

We learned a lot—especially from Midori, an irrefutable goddess of rope and kink. Her first class was all about the art of negotiation, but negotiation as seduction, as intimate conversation, and most of the audience needed a breather and a cigarette after. If you ever want to play with Sir (and/or me) now, you’re in for helluva foreplay just in terms of negotiation, though we need more practice in it so feel free to ask! 😉

Learning kink is like fisting. Slowly stretch the mind and let it relax, and next time you can fit more stuff in there.

Her rope class the next day was just as amazing, she started with a demo session that was bondage-meets-dance-meets-domination, and it was like nothing we’ve ever seen. Seriously if you ever have the chance to learn from this woman, you must take it. You simply must. We will probably travel in the next year to attend one of her Rope Dojo weekend intensives, she’s that amazing.

Thunder also has a huge dungeon playspace, with a little area condoned off just for male-male play (and another one for lesbians). Alas, there was an extreme paucity of gay men at the event despite being operated by a gay couple; I guess there’s been some drama over the years (big surprise) and generally our gay kinksters don’t seem to go. I’ll be recruiting all of you next year! But we had a great time with a couple of friends, who taught Sir how to flog. Then he bought a flogger. I’m a happy boy.

We also learned about fire & ice play, cupping, vac racks, and I learned a little bit about interrogation play. We tried to go to a class about protocol, but frankly, it was terrible and a good example of what happens when you have a self-important and Dom who is just shy of a bully. It was a real disappointment.

But there are good and bad in everything, and overall it was a huge success. But it was also overwhelming by the end, especially for Sir.

When you’re first diving into something new—like kink—I believe one should embrace it without reservation and try to experience as many things as one can. But go about it with a clear head, too; because aside from the inherent dangers of our lifestyle (especially with bad Doms), it’s like stepping into an alien world. There is so much to see, so much to learn, so much experience, (so much to buy) … it can really be overstimulating.

Your head can swim in pleasure and ecstasy but also in confusion and nerves. It’s like fisting. The asshole has to be stretched over time, and let it retract a little, but the next time it’ll be easier to stick bigger and bigger stuff in there. Same with the mind, you should experience and try new things, but it takes time to really let it sink in. It’s okay to forget things or let them slide by, but always be willing to try again until you learn what works for you.


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