Power Play in Public

Some men just exude power.

I had coffee the other day with a Dom sort of guy. On the surface he was nice, very attractive, and generally on the up and up though private in his profile. Coffee is usually the first step, getting to know your Sir won’t be a deranged bully is important. But it’s usually just coffee and dirty talk. This time was different.

We met in an average suburban coffee shop near my office and his home. Not a gay place. Not a gay neighborhood. Just one of the smaller chains. Which is why it was a bit surprising when suddenly his foot was in my crotch.

Traffic is a bitch in Denver, so we both ran a little late. When he arrived, I did my best not to stutter in my hello. We sat, talked. He has one of those deep stares, intense blue eyes that bore into you. We talked about our work, our travel, our other halves. Before long his feet had moved over to my side of the table and I was more than happy to leg cuddle a bit. Innocuous enough, right? No one would really notice and if they did they would just assume we were partners ourselves.

That’s when he put his foot on my chair right between my legs. Nothing much at first. But over the course of the hour in the coffee shop, he steadily increased the pressure, repositioned. I subtly tried to give him more access. But this was beyond innocuous, this was a subtle power exchange. He wanted to expose me, in a way, and so he would.

Gear, scene names, bondage, S&M, all the toys and tools we use in the kink world, to me, are irrelevant when you have someone who simply knows how to take your power from you. For me, all of the above are just ways to submit, routes to the power exchange that I crave. And here was a hot guy who knew how to take it. It was unnerving, a bit, to do it in a public place. The risk of getting caught, minor as this was, was simultaneously hot and frightening. I struggled to pay attention to the conversation. I genuinely liked this man as a person, but I felt like I was on fire, too.

Coffee ended and we went to our cars, which happened to be parked near each other. He told me we could chat in his car for a bit. It was a subtle but plain instruction. Settled in his car he became a lot more stern, much more in charge. He grabbed my had and slammed it to his crotch. He told me that would be down my throat before long. Even through his jeans I could tell it was a magnificent cock. He groped me whereever he wanted. He put his hand down my shirt, grabbed my chest hair and yanked, saying how good his piss would look all over my hairy chest. He tweaked my nipple. He told me to take out my cock.

Here we were in public, in a parking lot, with all sorts of people moving about and my cock was out. Nerve-wracking. Exhilarating. Also a low-grade sex offense in Colorado, if caught. When someone pulled up three spots down he said not to put it away. He manhandled my head. Put his arm against my throat. Grabbed my chest hair some more. All the while I massaged his stiffening penis. I was a little nervous he would push my head down to his crotch. That might have been a bit much for me, but he didn’t. Maybe a little too public.

He told me to put my cock away and as I did a car pulled in right next to us. A few minutes more and it was “you can go now, boy.” Get out of my car, I’m done with you for now.

For me, it’s all about power. Day to day I get tired of carrying my own power, of being the guy in charge and in control of everything – having it taken from me, forcefully if necessary, is ideal. And this is a guy who knows power, has it, uses it, and can be trusted with it. All this play in public just underlines how he knows he can take what he wants, when and where. And he can take mine whenever he wants.

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  1. 1a8Oh I hope you are feeling better!! I had H.pylori last Oct and the meds they gave me had gluten in them, my insurance wouldnt pay for the gluten free meds…..soo sick for 6 weeks while I killed my bad gut bugs…still feeling some residual side effects of the meds….Where do I find the protien powder and the coconut flour and oil?? Have a great Labor day weekend!!

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