My New Day Collar


It didn’t take long before Sir and I started talking about a permanent collar. We had dinner with another D/s couple a few weeks in, and she had a beautiful steel necklace that passed as interesting jewelry but was clearly a collar. That got Sir to thinking and we started poking around where we could find a suitable day collar.

A day collar for me is something that I can wear everywhere. I don’t have a job where I can easily wear something like a chain and lock, or even a steel loop. But I wanted something that was a clear symbol of permanent service, masculine and not merely a necklace. I think Sir and I had somewhat different ideas about what would be a suitable collar; I was concerned about it being too showy and personally, I liked the chain look. He wanted something different. He also wanted something more custom.

In the end, he had some ideas and I had found one particular Etsy shop that made great day collars with snake coil sterling silver chain. Sir customized it with a three-inch silver bar right in the middle. And this particular Etsy shop owner has designed her own proprietary locking mechanism – instead of a typical latch, the collar is secured with an allen key lock and I can’t get it off my head.

I wear it all the time, obviously. It only comes off if Sir is putting a service collar on me. I wear it at work, at the gym. It’s long enough that it passes as a nice necklace, but short enough that it routinely shows through the top of my buttoned shirts or pops out of T-shirts. It’s already been noticed by friends, one of whom immediately recognized it for what it is.

The maker did a great job, and you should check out her stuff at SkyWireDesigns on Etsy.

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