I Made Master a Paddle

“I want you make me a paddle.”

I like to work with wood (ha). I built a full oak bar complete with a kegerator and plumbing when we renovated our house. I’ve done a lot of construction around the house. I love to create things.

We were on our way to Home Depot and he says this to me and I say, “wait, you want me to fashion you the implement of my own punishment?” Yes. The answer was yes. Well fuck. Spanking is not my thing, really, and it is absolutely a way to punish me, and now he wanted me to make him the tool. On the one hand I was keen for the challenge, on the other, I don’t want to make him a paddle! Sigh.

I thought of ways to mitigate the horribleness of the task. I could make it from pine – a softer lighter wood. I could inlay it with leather or even pad it a bit. In the end I said I would make him the paddle, of course, but it would be my gift to him and he couldn’t see it until it was done. I spent the weekend on it, banishing him from the garage. By Tuesday morning, it was ready, and I left it for him on the kitchen table when I went to work.

I named it Hyde. [Continue Reading to see a Picture] 

Hyde, The Paddle Made By Rook For His Sir

He’s fashioned from oak and stained several times for a smooth, natural finish. The oak is a hefty wood and he is balanced a little heavier on the paddle side versus the handle, which makes it so he does more of the work and Sir can really just let him fall on my ass. I built a little stand as well so that he is displayed prominently in our bedroom.

I left him on the kitchen table with a handwritten letter. The letter I left for Sir reads:


This is Hyde.

He isn’t fancy. He is crafted of fine oak, solid and strong and simple. I thought of ways to embellish him, to make it a more versatile toy that would be your first real kinky toy all your own. But he is not a toy, he is a tool.

He is not a toy because I am not playing.

He is my submission to you, to your will, your pleasure, your vision. I’ve become all that I can on my own. I’ve become only as self-actualized and disciplined and complete as I can be without leadership and training. I can only give you more of the same for the next 60 years as only your husband. But I want to give you more, to be more and be better for you. As your boy, I kneel and submit, not because it’s hot or kinky fun, but because I believe in you and trust you and adore you, and will follow and obey you.

I’ve led our household, more or less, for 10 years. Now I relinquish my will to yours, to your guidance and craft. You have a vision of me, of what I am or can become. You also know my faults, my weaknesses, my struggles. You will ask things and require things of me, and I will fail, and you will have to use Hyde. Because you will model me, make me better, make me yours. And so I submit, because you are a stronga nd wise man, a caring and patient husband, and a trustworthy master. I hope I will never give you a reason to use him, but when I do, I know it will be to make me a better boy.

Yours in life and service,


Yes, he’s used it for fun and for punishment, and yes, it hurts like hell.



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