Just Getting Started

We call it the Peter Epoch.

It was last Fall, and I was on a business trip and my husband was at a local conference, half-stalking half-seducing this cutie from NYC. They hit it off, and I started getting cute texts of two sexy men having some fun at home. It was the night that my husband—typically the top—was introduced to the joys and wonders of getting fucked.

After that night, sex between He and I got better and better. Peter taught him new techniques, and in the middle of getting drilled I shouted “You getting fucked was the best thing to happen to meeeeee!” because holy shit. Soon after we embraced poly and started dating a guy who was also pretty damn good in the sack, and so our amazing new world of hot sex just went on and on. Every time we fucked I was cumming multiple times.

We went to Hawai’i for our 10th anniversary at the beginning of April (where, by the way, I was pleasantly abused by a hot German at our nudist B&B). My birthday is the day after we get home, and when I get home from work he says to me, with some encouraged from-again-Peter,  “I think I want to try pissing on you.”

Um, okay! Anytime my husband wants to get a little kinky I’m game. I strip and kneel in the tub, and after a few seconds the warm stream hits my chest and quickly moves up to my face. I open my mouth and drink some in. He’d been saving it up and it flowed down all over me.

At first I found it a bit odd. Sure, I love the notion of my husband getting kinky, but still we’d had a vanilla relationship with nary an interest in raunchier play. But I quickly pushed that aside and fell towards rook’s headspace, and I bathed in the glorious golden shower. I rubbed his piss into my chest hair, I drank it down, I reached up toward him. I opened my eyes and saw this glorious man looking down at me, and he says that’s when first saw this whole other side of me. He kissed me, and tasted his own piss on my breath.

He looked down, and he saw rook. The boy who only seeks to serve and to be useful and to be used. My devotion to him was in my eyes, and something about that evening flipped a switch in him.

We showered together, and as I’m soaping him up and massaging his beautiful body, he says, almost offhandedly, “I think I could be your Dom.”


“Yeah, I think we could try it at least.”

And I said how much I would love to have my husband be my Dom.

And that’s how it began. Over the next week we talked more about it. I daydreamed about what it would be like to have a Master who knew me better than I knew myself—which my husband already did. Someone who I already trusted my life to, and who I loved and I knew loved me, who wouldn’t hurt me.

It’s been quite a ride since then, as we explore more and more of the 24/7 Master-slave life. He has tapped this whole deep well of exploration and interest, and it’s almost like we’re starting all over, dating all over again. I don’t even recognize me or him sometimes, because it feels like we’re new people. We’re more complete, more whole, and more in love than ever.

The sex, it goes without saying, is better than ever. Even as our roles and perspective started to solidify, and I really settled into my life as boy and he as Master, we had the most deeply sensual vanilla sex we’d ever had. And that’s not even mentioning the times he simply lays on the couch and has worship his cock and body for an hour. Or when he trained my throat to be able to deepthroat-fuck me with his 8+inch girthy sonabitch-of-a-cock.

We have a lot to learn—about each other, about living 24/7, about who we are now. I’m not a perfect boy, and there are times I just don’t feel like serving or don’t feel like I’m good enough in service. And he’s new to kink in general, and has much to see and learn and experience.

But none of that matters right now, because right now we have come to know each other in a new way, and we are finally—after 10 years—realizing our whole and complete selves. My husband is now my Master and I wear his collar all day every day.

And this wild ride all started because he wanted to try getting fucked, and Peter fucked him real good.

I owe Peter one hell of a blowjob.

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  1. Hi guys,
    Just ran across your site and found it very interesting.
    Read some of the stuff about your relationship and its expansion.
    The “Boy” has a flair for great blog writings !
    We used to have a Dungeon, but not as nice as yours. We did have some
    other things in it though. Including a rim-chair, St Andrew’s Cross,
    fuck bench, suspended TV/VCR/DVD ,Lockers full of leather gear and tons of mirrors. I’d like to chat with you about what kink you’ve tried and what you might want to try. Check out all the pictures on the website listed. We/I am on tons of other sites also. I hope that you’ll email me back !
    Take Care,

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