I Built a Dungeon!

For the last few months, I’ve been super busy transforming a horrible spare room into a kinky adult playspace. Sir has been diving head first into His new kinky life, and we really wanted a place to dig in and explore new ideas and fun things to do. We’ve been slowly renovating our house from a ’70s catastrophe to something more livable, so it was time to finish one of the last bedrooms, and why not make it a dungeon?

Here’s what it used to look like:


Horrible carpet, ugly wallpaper, paneling, and for some unexplained reason the ceiling was lowered. It wasn’t low for any particular reason, it was low just because the builder / previous owner had terrible taste. But in order to make the room halfway usable (or eventually salable), I needed to rip out the low ceiling. That, of course, meant I had to put new drywall on the walls to fill in the gap. I left the rafters exposed for now – when we eventually sell the house I’ll have to put in a proper ceiling but for now I wanted the more industrial feel.

1-wide-shot-from-door 1-wide-shot-cage

See All the Photos and Features On the Dungeon Page »

A lot of work went into this one, and I’m really proud of it! It’s not a huge room, so an important part of the design to make everything have as many uses as possible, with convertible and multipurpose tools and toys. Here’s everything I did (for now):

  • Exposed ceiling and foundation wall, and new gray-and-red paint
  • Rubber flooring for easy post-watersports clean-up
  • A jail cell cage that converts into a glory hole, lock the boy in and use as needed!
  • The glory hole is big enough for a head to serve as stocks (in either direction)
  • Spiderweb rigging that folds down from the ceiling
  • A chain-and-rope sling with multiple hard points around the room for all sorts of configurations
  • Separate circuits for white, red, and black lights, all of which are repositionable
  • A plug in the ceiling for setting up a magic wand or single-bulb interrogation scene
  • A stool that converts into foot and/or wrist stocks
  • Eyebolts and hard points all around the room, color-coded to show what’s safe for suspension
  • An iPad control panel for music, with a custom app that describes the gear and can call the houseboy (me) to the room for anything Sir Kukris or visiting Doms may need
  • Plus lots of little surprises and features

Check out all the pictures and descriptions on the Dungeon page. Coming up in the near future, I’ll start building more kinky furniture like a spanking/fucking bench and a bondage table.

And if you are interested, we welcome guests! Whether you’re local or visiting Denver, cum and play! We’re interested in subs who want to serve Sir in there, Masters who want to use me, play with both of us, or simply borrow it for your own use. Whatever kinky scene you want to try, I’m happy to help set up for/with you. Learn more and send us a note on the Dungeon page.

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