Back in Service

I’ve been missing from this blog lately but that’s only because writing cogent and well thought out blog entries is really damn hard sometimes. But the reality, I hope you’ll be pleased to know, is that I’m really diving deep into my kink side again, and meeting more people and having more fun. I’ve had a few recent encounters lately, and I’ll share them in the next several blog posts.

 One of the things I struggle with is whether to document these encounters and in what style. The last thing I want is a Dom to feel like I’m immediately going to blog the experience like some sort of Amazon review. I’m not one of those assholes that has to Twitter every waking moment. My playmates should that if I blog about our experiences together, it’s not a review, it’s an homage. I feel honored to serve and I want to capture that for you, for me, and for others like us. So on to the first story:

Back In It

The first most recent encounter was with a switch friend of mine. He and his boyfriend and me and my husband have hung out a number of times, and had sex a few times, but I’ve never been in-service to him. We both knew each other was kinky, but it only minority exhibited itself in our four-way playtimes. Always saying we should have ourselves a little one on one time, we finally set a date.

I was surprised at how nervous I was. I guess in a way, it was like first-date jitters. It was weird because I know this guy, personally, sexually, as friends, and now I would know him as a Sir; it was a new dynamic, I was ecstatic but also not sure what all would happen.

We didn’t meet right away. There were several days–almost a week–between making the plans and the actual evening. I have never been good at waiting for anything, whether it’s Christmas or bondage. I went to the gym a lot to try and take my mind off the anticipation or else I would spin myself silly. But for me the greatest challenge was the anticipation, the run-up, even a little fear. It’s the same feeling I get every time I meet someone new, though this time it was a little different, because this time it wasn’t coffee or talk or whatever, it was real service.

There were also instructions. Goddamn! Do I love having instructions to follow. I was to wear a butt plug (one of my new favorites – I’ll blog about that later). I was to wear a jock strap, and to arrive promptly at 7:30pm. When I arrived I was to strip to the jock and he would come to collar me, and I was his from then until he was done with me.

I try to be a good boy, to follow rules. So that meant despite the fact I arrived 10 minutes early, I waited on the porch until 7:30pm sharp. My heart was racing. I crave service and want every detail to be spot on. I’ve never been a ‘bad boy,’ I tend to be very compliant and willing … doing my best to please my Dom. Someday I’d like to try being bad, but I’m not sure how. Depends on the dynamic, I guess. If there’s a particular rough Dom that really wants to take power forcibly, I’ll oblige. But in this case, I think He wanted a willing boy to play with and I was happy to be that for him.

Overall the experience was a chance for us to experiment a bit and get to know each other as Dom and sub. We tried different things to see what our vibe would be. I did the dishes for him. I was his footstool and I worshipped his feet. I was bound to a chair, edged, and face-fucked (there’s a picture of it out there, by the way). I was bound in a stress position on the bed and face fucked and edged some more. I swallowed his cum. He let me cum … that didn’t take much by the end.

But most of all I was just ecstatic to be in service, to worship a hot Dom, to be his plaything. I love having hoops to jump through, rules to follow. And this was a great way to get restarted in service again.

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