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Hey, lookitthat – my first two questions from Tumblr and Formspring Ask Me Anything.

Anonymous on Formspring asked “Hey šŸ™‚ I am based in London and saw your blog. I feel we are at the same stage of discovering the BDSM world. I just wanted to say you are luck to have a supportive boyfriend! So if I can ask, what do you think of watersport? x”

Hi šŸ™‚ Glad to hear from someone else on the journey, especially from London – one my favorite cities in all the world. It’s been a while since I’ve been back there and I’m missing it, and there are a lot more kinksters there than I ever thought there were, so that’s all the more reason to go! šŸ˜‰ And my boyfriend is amazing – and I count myself lucky a thousand times over. He even tried to Dom me a little the other night, just because he knows its what I like, but more on that later.

Watersports, basically, is degrading, humiliating, kinky, and fun. For some it helps put them in the right headspace as a lowly sub/slave/boy, for others it’s a total turn on. I’ve chatted with a guy or two that loves getting pissed on – that’s all they want, and that’s their scene – nothing elaborate, just getting pissed on. I kind of joke that what I don’t really “get” about w/s is not the kink or turn-on factor, but that it makes for a pretty short session. I mean, how much can a person actually pee in any one go?

That said, I think used creatively watersports can be a hot addition to an overall scene, session or weekend. Having a party with a bunch of Doms? Put your sub out on the deck kneeling in a wash tub to serve as the toilet for everyone. Wanna push a boy in his service even when you’re not around, make him collect his urine all day, every day, between sessions. Whether he’s at work or out and about, he should carry a water bottle and fill it. Then the Dom use the urine in the next weekend session – as the only thing the boy can use to wash or drink or whatever (encouraging the boy to stay hydrated lest his pee get gross).

The possibilities for raunch are endless, I would imagine. It just depends what you’re into at the time. For me, I enjoy the idea of water sports as part of a greater scene or session, not necessarily on its own. I’ve laid in the tub so a Dom could piss on me at the end of a session and it was warm and smelled a little but wasn’t something particularly exciting on its own. Depends on whether you’ve got a good piss top I guess. And as with anything, one should be smart about playing with bodily fluids; while generally considered safe and relatively sterile, urine is not 100% clean. Just throwin’ that out there.

Great. Now all I can think about is getting tied up, kneeling, and serving as a toilet for a hot Dom or seven. Thanks a lot šŸ˜‰

By the way please feel free to email me, Mr. Anonymous from London. Love to chat and get to know others on this journey especially those with sexy accents.

Anonymous on Tumblr asked, “what makes you the most horny?”

Wow that’s a loaded question. I think if you take a look around my Tumblr raw porno feed or the blog, you’ll get a quick sense of what makes me the most horny. But here’s a few ideas…

  • Almost any kind of power exchange, where I not only give up power or control, but that it is wrested away from me. Sometimes with gear. Sometimes not.
  • A hot, muscled Master, perhaps with a light dusting of hair, in a leather harness will just about make me cum right then and there. Like this guy. Or him. Ā And this guy.
  • Creativity and Complexity in a scene or setup. More than just “You’ll suck my big cock.” I crave a Master who can use my mind as much as my body. Dungeons, bondage, long scenes.
  • Bondage is hot, and needn’t involve sex to be sexual or sensual or meaningful. Hardware, rope, shackles, mummification – I long to spend some time as an object.
  • Pain is not something that’s particularly a turn on by itself, but the idea of pushing myself or being pushed to experience new and deeper sensations absolutely it.

That should give some sense of what makes me the most horny. I’d say it’s a pretty good summary of the things that do it best for me … considering I jacked off in the middle of writing it and finding the linkable pictures.

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