A Different Kind of Fantasy

So I live in New York City. We have a lot here going for us … a generally free-wheeling spirit, an openness to the weird, a large fetish network (or so I’ve been told) and of course the gay NY Bondage Club (someday I’ll work the courage). But he city is also draining, and tiresome, and poor on community and it’s tough to really build relationships and friendships here.

My bf and I don’t really intend to stay here forever. We intend to move to a mountain state out West, where there is nature and friendlier people and more to do on this earth than drink in bars. We’ll buy some land, maybe build a house, but I’d really like to build or buy a cabin. Or maybe a bunch of cabins that we could rent out on occasion (I’m always business minded, hehe).

In any case a cabin (or cabins) with plenty of space, secluded somewhere in the woods far from civilization and nosy neighbors. Set in a clearing with space for a bonfire, maybe a stream nearby, the cabin would be fully equipped and the perfect place to get away.

And built of wood, sturdy and sound, a sling could easily be attached to the ceiling of the living room, the front porch, or any bedroom. Add in the occasional inconspicuous eye hook or ring for q rope to pass through, or shackles, or handcuffs. Closets the perfect size for cages. Rubber sheets in the bottom drawer of each bedroom’s bureau. Every bed equipped with a restraint system. A kitchen that could accommodate a couple of beshackled slave/boys preparing a meal.

Outdoors, trees to tie a boy too. Stretch his arms and legs between trees, hang him by his wrists or his feet. A hose, or outdoor shower, to wash him down and clean him out. Stocks or a Cross that can be stowed for vanilla guests, but brought out for a fireside flogging with just the right group.

Yup, I pretty much want to build out the perfect place for a kinky sex romp in the woods, somewhere in the Rockies, where I can join or build or otherwise be a part of a close knit kinky community that trusts and fosters its own, while exploring all the crazy things that get us off.

In the woods.

The thing is, I could build this pretty easily. I’m the kind of person that gets and idea and makes it happen. If i can work up the money to build it, I will. I’m not as good at building the people-side of things (shy and lack of self confidence). But if I can grow as a person and a sub, I can build the perfect retreat for our people. The only thing I believe in more than dreams and ideas, is making them come alive.

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