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Sometimes I Think I Could Be a Switch

At Thunder earlier this summer, one of the seminars I went to was all about interrogation. It was a reasonably good discussion on the topic, though I was honestly only half paying attention because Sir was off buying a flogger and texting me questions. But as I’m listening and watching the presentation on various techniques—from the […]

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Service gives me Direction & Purpose

Yes—the sex is amazing, dancing on the edge of pain and pleasure is exhilarating, and my heart races every time I feel rope on my skin. But this is why I serve: because it motivates me toward a better and more fulfilled life. To become a boy I need to embrace and celebrate service outside of sex, and the pure joy it brings.

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Where Pain Becomes Pleasure: Wax Play with Sir

Have you ever danced on the line of pleasure and pain? Have you ever been dragged across it and dunked headfirst in a whirlpool of nerves firing hard and fast, confusing the reality of self-preservation and self-fulfillment? Have you ever been tortured to the point of ejaculation, only to be fucked hard and raw until you’re a whimpering puddle of a […]

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