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My New Day Collar

It didn’t take long before Sir and I started talking about a permanent collar. We had dinner with another D/s couple a few weeks in, and she had a beautiful steel necklace that passed as interesting jewelry but was clearly a collar. That got Sir to thinking and we started poking around where we could find a suitable […]

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A bit carried away while Master’s gone

Sir’s is gone this week on a volunteering trip, and while he’s gone I’ve been renovating his home office, because it was pretty much the dumping ground for random shit and we still had stuff crammed in boxes crammed in the closet from our move 2 years ago. While he’s gone I also have the assignment to take a selfie every day. […]

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I Made Master a Paddle

“I want you to make me a paddle,” he says to me. I say, “wait, you want me to fashion you the implement of my own punishment?” Yes. The answer was yes. Well fuck. Spanking is not my thing, really, and it is absolutely a way to punish me, and now he wanted me to make him the tool. On the one hand I was keen for the challenge, on the other, I don’t want to make him a paddle! Sigh.

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