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What’s Past the Horizon?

When you accept and embrace who you are, it’s like dominos falling one after the other in mesmerizing automation. For Sir and I, every preconceived notion of who we are as men and as a couple has been challenged. If humans do not grow, they waste away. Stasis is not possible. Limits are acceptable, but facing them and pushing beyond them can reap returns hand over fist.

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Just Getting Started

We call it the Peter Epoch. It was last Fall, and I was on a business trip and my husband was at a local conference, half-stalking half-seducing this cutie from NYC. They hit it off, and I started getting cute texts of two sexy men having some fun at home. It was the night that […]

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What Have I Become?

What have I become? What’s happened to me? 10 years ago, I was so afraid of sex. I was pathologically afraid of disease and of getting hurt beyond what I thought I could do. The husband and I rarely fucked. We sucked some, did some frottage, but it took a long time and usually a […]

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That Urge At the Base of My Cock

(Yes, I’ll be posting more about my new relationship with Master … here’s a quickie) I’m on a business trip right now. Actually we have a family obligation in the same city where I have an office, so I came into town early and Master is joining me in two days. In the meantime, he […]

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Major Changes: I’m now in 24/7 service

I have been into BDSM, especially D/s, my entire sexual life. My earliest fantasies were about kidnap and being ‘tortured’ for information. For all my teen years, I would cruise in the #GayDads4Sons IRC chat rooms, because that’s where the Dominants were, and I would cyber plus do what they told me to do to […]

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