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You Should Have Fun With It

Sorry for a light week of fluff posts – it’s been that kind of week. Not without its fun, though, as I’ve been “practicing” with butt plugs so that my husband can more easily fuck me, which is always a more fun way to work. As for the lack of a new submitted chapter, I […]

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Blogs You Should Be Reading

There are myriad better bloggers and site owners than me – guys who know their stuff and freely share their knowledge and experience. Here’s a few kinksters, subs, Doms, and the otherwise unclassifiable I look up to and learn from: Vulcan Not really a blog, per se, and far as I can tell, not updated […]

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Random Career Goal…

Want to know what I did today? I spent hours and hours creating a database migration protocol for a client. That means writing a program that will take all their gobbledygook data that’s sitting in the old database, and rework it so it fits in the new database in a slightly less awful way. If […]

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Embracing My Shy Side

I want to do so much. And aside from the occasional concern about safety and all that jazz, I don’t have a lot of hang-ups, sexually. My biggest problem is that I’m “shy” – which I’ve made mention of in passing before. Mainly, though, I’m shy socially. Not a lot of self confidence. I think […]

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