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Ask Me Anything

Hey, lookitthat – my first two questions from Tumblr and Formspring Ask Me Anything. Anonymous on Formspring asked “Hey πŸ™‚ I am based in London and saw your blog. I feel we are at the same stage of discovering the BDSM world. I just wanted to say you are luck to have a supportive boyfriend! […]

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Fire Play & E-Stim Demo

ScottDaddy has posted a really hot video of him doing some fire play and e-stim on a boy at a gay campground in Pennsylvania not too long ago. The e-stim is my favorite part, starting around the 8-minute mark. I will probably have this boner the rest of the day. Click here to watch the […]

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My First Flogging

B first contacted me on Recon. We had a lot in common, he described himself as a top bear perv, and one that enjoyed a little abuse and kinky play. I said “hi” back and we got to chatting. What he’s really into, it turns out, is just being a selfish brute (in a good […]

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So I was on family vacation last week (which in itself is a form of mental S&M). While I was gone my blog apparently skyrocketed in traffic (relatively speaking, of course) on the first day I was gone. I rarely look at my stats – and today it was just on a lark because I’m […]

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I would love to get tied up and put at the mercy of a Dom. I’ve been tied up once – with some thin rope spread eagle on a hotel bed while candle wax was dripped on me for every wrong answer in a trivia game. I got a lot of wrong answers. Something about […]

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A Different Kind of Fantasy

So I live in New York City. We have a lot here going for us … a generally free-wheeling spirit, an openness to the weird, a large fetish network (or so I’ve been told) and of course the gay NY Bondage Club (someday I’ll work the courage). But he city is also draining, and tiresome, […]

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